Marin Alano Club


The Marin Alano Club provides meeting rooms at a low cost to groups of 12-step programs to hold
their meetings which are separate and apart from the Club and its activities. 
There are over 40 AA and other 12-step meetings a week at the Marin Alano Club
attended by about 1,300 people seeking 12-step recovery and support. We hope you will join us.




The Marin Alano Club was established in 1965, and moved to its present location in 1974. The Club provides a clean and safe environment for recovering alcoholics and addicts to seek company and support of other alcoholics and addicts and to help each other stay clean and sober one day at a time. 
The Club offers conversation areas, a snack bar, television and a back yard where picnics and other social and recreational events and activities are held.


501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

The specific and primary purposes for which this club was formed are: To carry on, as a non-profit organization, activities auxiliary to and supplemental to the movement of Alcoholics Anonymous and to stimulate and further such movement by aiding and assisting persons to recover from their alcohol problem; and as a part of such activities, to furnish, provide, and maintain physical facilities for social and recreational uses. (Marin Alano Club, Inc.; ByLaws, Article 2, Section 1.) The Marin Alano Club is self-supporting and receives no outside funding from any source. The club is incorporated as a non-profit organization and received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in 1974. The Club has a Board of Directors of nine members, which is responsible and responsive to the members, and a small kitchen staff who are responsible to the Board.



Permit parking is available in the LOWER LOT ONLY of the Lincoln Hill Community Church one block north on Lincoln Ave.
Parking there is permitted ONLY:
6:30am to 7:30pm Monday through Friday, and
7:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays.
Please do not park at the Church on Sundays or any time outside of the stated hours above. You risk being towed.
Permits are available throughout the Club in both meeting rooms, on the hallway table and at the snack bar..
Parking is also available along Lincoln Avenue with a 2-hour limit.
Please do not park in any private parking lots in the area or on side streets blocking driveways, as doing so jeopardizes our use permit.
Please adhere to the Parking Policy so we can be responsible neighbors!